Imagine Moving Completely FREE From Pain

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STOP PAIN: Stop pain in its tracks! After adjustments from us, say goodbye to headaches, migraines, and neck pain.

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GENTLE ADJUSTMENTS: The upper cervical area needs special, gentle treatment. With certain injuries, popping and twisting the neck can be downright dangerous and damaging.

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CERVICAL IMAGING: We use in-house x-ray imagining and occasionally refer out for highly specialized CBCT imaging for full 3D analysis of the neck. This is the best way to know what adjustments to make without risking further damage. In cases involving a traumatic event, such as a car accident, we also have the ability and connections to refer our patients out for an MRI.

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HIGHLY TRAINED: Our procedures are NOT like other chiropractors out there! We have unique treatment methods and adjustments requiring very specific training. Dr. Tadd has spent years learning how to locate and correct specific misalignments in the neck that are oftentimes not given the proper care.

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PRECISE TARGETING: Using the images we receive from x-rays, we use VERY PRECISE and gentle adjustments to target specific problem points. This is vital to healing most neck injuries.

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Your time should be spent doing the things you love instead of worrying about pain.


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Moving freely again.

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Chasing the kids or grandkids again.

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Having the ability again to do any of the millions of other things you did so freely before your personal injury!

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Bending over to pick up a piece of paper and whipping around to toss it into the trash.

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Getting back to gardening.

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Choosing a favorite outdoor activity.

Many people don’t realize how paralyzing and limiting chronic pain can be! Suddenly, simple, everyday tasks are daunting when you have limited mobility.

Car accidents, even something as “small” as a fender bender, can immobilize someone from whiplash and torment them with terrible neck pain, headaches, and even severe migraines. The frustrating thing for many people is so few chiropractors are properly trained to analyze the upper cervical spine and make the proper adjustments.

With us, you get a highly trained practitioner and staff who understand the agony you are in and are here to help!

How Does a Personal Injury Case Work?

So you’ve been in a car accident and now you’re feeling the soreness and pain that usually results afterwards. You know you need to do something, but you’re not sure where to start or who to trust. All of the options can be understandably overwhelming. This is where we come in.

Remember that auto insurance you’ve been paying for every month? Part of it is to cover any medical expenses related to an accident. It’s finally time to use that insurance coverage to get the care you deserve. That’s right, in many cases, your auto insurance will cover 100% of your care. We’ll work with you and help you decide if you need to get an attorney or, if you already have one you’re working with, we’ll contact them and work together for your benefit. The important thing is that you get treated fairly and get the care you deserve without having to pay a penny. There’s no need to spend anymore time stressing about the process, just schedule below.



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